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For your delight, our Malvoisie has matured with the whims of the seasons.

Its elegance is personal to it.

Well exposed on the slopes overlooking the Loire, the grape variety "Pinot Beurot" or "Pinot Gris" is called MALVOISIE in our region.

For a long time it was a grape variety neglected by winegrowers because of its low production. Its small purple-colored cluster, produces a slightly pinkish juice according to the maceration times before pressing.

The noble Malvoisie gives a must in small quantities but full of sugar.

It is an aperitif, dessert wine, drunk chilled (10 to 12°C), it will surprise you by accompanying scallops or foie gras.

It can be enjoyed today.

It will only get better with age.

Sweet AOC Malvoisie Coteaux d'Ancenis "Château de la Baronnière"

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  • Tasting comment "Gilbert & Gaillard"

    "A very pale, almost translucent yellow colour. Exotic fruity nose associated with notes of sweet spices. On the palate, flavors of fruit in syrup relayed by a soft texture. This immediately accessible wine will find its audience. "