Family of winegrowers for several generations, the "Domaine du Buisson" is one of the largest winegrowing estate in its region. 

Located at La Chapelle-Saint-Florent, in Maine-et-Loire, and approximately 45km from Angers and Nantes, the “Domaine du Buisson” is also part of the Anjou wine road and villages. 

The "Domaine du Buisson" especially has a vineyard reimagined for quality. 

Thanks to its hillsides exposed along the Loire, "Cabernets Francs" and "Cabernets Sauvignons" propose a gourmet vision of appellation  "Cabernet d’Anjou".

The "Pinot Beurot" or "Pinot Gris", called Malvoisie, benefits from the hottest plots in order to perfect its maturity. 


The estate has a wine cellar equipped with thermoregulated tanks allowing optimal work during the winemaking, and a thermal inertia making maturing easier. 

The « Domaine du Buisson » exploits 4 others winegrowing estate : the "Domaine des Couronnières", the "Château de la Baronnière", the "Domaine d’Arcis" and the "Domaine de Viaud".

Today, this winegrowing estates are certified High Environmental Value.

(What is the High Environemental Value certification ?)

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